To the man who owns my heart, I thought of you again last night before drifting off to sleep. I don’t know why no matter what I do, I can’t stop thinking about you. I remember the first day we met, I fell in love with you because I saw something in you that I cannot see with someone.. or something else. You are patient, kind, slow to anger, generous and something that struck me.. you never keep record of my wrongs. I can never out-give you. Everything that I do is nothing compared to what you’ve done. A lot of times I ask, “Who am I that you are mindful of?” “What can I do to give back all the undeserved love?” But I always get the same reply, ”I loved you first. To let me in your heart is more than enough.“ The years with you are the best years of my life. You don’t know how healthier my heart gets every time I pour out all my thoughts on you. Unlike other friends of mine, you listen without judgement. And you know how sneaky you are? You let me decide on my own yet you would do things to protect me from any harm that my decisions would lead me to! That annoyed me at first but I learned to appreciate it as our relationship gets deeper. A lot of times we argue over things and stuff. I want to go left, you are always right. I want to do this and that, but you would disapprove. Our fights are always short though because usually I would end up heartbroken whenever I follow what I want. Thing is, you never fail to catch me every time I fall. I always end up thanking you for interceding. I remember when you first called me “my beloved” after my first heartbreak.. I felt so loved. I was shattered having been betrayed but your words assure me that you are with me. You will never leave me nor forsake me no matter how worse things get. Above all, you will love me no matter how worse I become. Your unconditional love melts my heart in awe. You even said, “I will make you my bride forever.” Your love perseveres. You were faithful, though I am not. You didn’t let me go even if a lot of times I pushed you away. You’re not like the rest who would step out of my life and wait for me to reach out. You are always the one who would do the first move, though I know you were hurt for my mistakes.  Now I know that one day, I will get married and will have kids. I want my husband-to-be to know you too. Not just know you, but have the same relationship that I have with you. To recognize that you are the center of it all and our lives are meaningless without you. I want a worshiping family. Someday we will see each other face to face and you will ask me, “What did you do with the life I gave you?”. God, you own my heart, my life.. I want to be able to answer You that day…I want my list to be long enough! I want You to be proud of me and tell me, “Well done!”  And I guess no matter how far I run away, I will end up with You..because my soul was made to yearn..for You! I love You so much.. so much that I will obey. Bride-ly yours,  Charmie P. ❤️


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